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What are the commonly used materials for food plastic packaging bags
Time:2021-06-11 Read: 2600

Plastic packaging can also be classified as follows in terms of material:

1. Pearlescent film: Pearlescent film is a white opaque material, just like its name, the whole film has a pearl-like brightness. Usually used in bottle labels, beverages, ice cream packaging are common, the material of this film can not be white when printing, because it is white, but if it is white, it will make the packaging brighter.

2. Matte film: also called matting film. Some quick-frozen foods are packaged with this material. This film is not as shiny and shiny as other plastic films, and has a matte effect on the surface. Many colors will become darker on this kind of film, which is obviously different from the effect on a computer screen, so you need to pay attention.

3. PE film: This kind of film is often used on tube films, such as toilet paper packaging.

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