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General Manager's Speech

General manager's speech:

Because of the dream, the pursuit is endless; because of the pursuit, there is endless; only by constantly challenging the limit, it is possible to create miracles!

From its inception to today, Chaosuda Plastic Packaging Co., Ltd. has focused on high-quality PE, PO, PP plastic bags, PE self-sealing bone bags, PE mesh bags, shielding bags, single and double-sided bubble rolls, sheets, bags, pearl cotton, The production of plastic packaging materials such as styrofoam and four-color offset printing has always maintained rapid development and comprehensively promoted the ISO9001 quality management system.

Chaosuda Plastic Packaging Co., Ltd. employees are outstanding, young and full of enthusiasm. They are making progress together with the company and aiming at surpassing customer requirements. They are the driving force and source of the company's long-term development.

Management is like the brain of an enterprise, forge ahead and develop healthily, continuously strengthen learning in practice, and learn from the advanced management models of similar enterprises to absorb and improve; pay more attention to elite development and strengthen teamwork; scientific planning of projects, clear process design, and division of labor Clear and closely connected; a management model with distinctive characteristics has been formed and is in line with the world.

We are willing to make friends all over the world with the simplicity of the mountains and the mind of the sea, and we are more willing to have a close bond with friends. Holding hands together, we will walk shoulder to shoulder to the glorious future of the modernization of the motherland!

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